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Health and Beauty

In this video Athletic Therapist Deanna Hansen joins Steven Horne to talk about the relationship between beauty and health. They discuss how beauty is an inside job and how adjusting your posture and body balance can make you instantly look better.

Older, But Better

In this Herbal Hour Video Steven Horne explains why it's never too late to start improving your health. He has seen people in their 60s and 70s with health problems get healthier and feel younger when the started adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle and used appropriate herbs and supplements, beginning with his own parents. He also talks about the three ages of life and the role of elders in our society.

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Can a 53-Year-Old Man Teach Women Anything About Skin Care?

To find the answer to that question, you'll just have to read the article, which Steven recently updated at age 62. He's got a lot of interesting things to say about keeping your skin healthy.

Beauty — A High Standard

To anyone who has suffered humiliation, ridicule or social rejection because of a physical health problem (acne, hair loss, excess weight, etc.) the idea that beauty could be a standard for judging anything will probably strike a sensitive spot. But there is a place for beauty in our lives and beauty is a standard I discuss in this article on  three different levels—physical health, character or personality, and our relationship to nature and the Divine.

Improve with Age

Some things definitely improve with age.  Cheese and wine, for example. Even some people improve with age, becoming wiser and happier. Of course, for many people, aging doesn't mean improving, it means declining and gradually losing one's health and one's mental capacity.  I reject that this is normal and in this article I discuss what causes our health to deteriorate as we age and what we can do to counteract it.  I also take about my personal anti-aging program.

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An Introduction to Iridology

This is a free online class teaching people the basic principles of constitutional iridology. It explains what iridology can and cannot do and covers the basic iris genotypes and personality types. The class is free, but you can also make a small donation when you register to help us continue to offer this service.

An Introduction to Rayid Iridology Webinar

Discover how the eyes are truly the windows to the soul. Our eyes are the windows to both the body and soul.  They tell a remarkable story about who we each are.  Each iris has a particular pattern and, like fingerprints, no two eyes are alike.  This webinar is about Rayid Iris Analysis – a valuable psychological, emotional, spiritual tool for iris interpretation and a guidance system into deeper awareness about one’s personality and emotions. Save $5 on this class through the end of October.

Practical Iridology - IIPA Level One

Iridology is the art and science of examining the colored part of the eye (the iris) to acquire information about a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. This course is an introduction to the practice of iridology and qualifies as an IIPA level one course. It is one of the most useful iridology courses on the market and includes a beautiful, full-color manual.

Running a Consulting Business

This free class will be required for all our certification programs. It will be available as an online, self-study program. It covers legal and ethical considerations in the natural healing industry, basic consulting skills and basic business-building skills. This course is free, but if you wish to make a donation to help us in our educational efforts, you can add it in the shopping cart.